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Dry Ice will condense metal and thereby shrink small dents on your car. Place the Dry Ice on the inside of the dent if possible. Use heavy gloves and press flat sheet against dent. If it is not possible to get on the inside part of the dent, then using heavy gloves hold the Dry Ice so a corner can fit into the bottom lowest part of the cratered dent. Hold the Dry Ice until the metal is frosted at least 2 inches beyond the dent. Let the metal warm up (in the sun is the best) and repeat the procedure. Sometimes the dent will pop out perfectly. More often it will not be possible to get a flat smooth finish, but the dent will be reduced noticeably. Creased metal will still show the crease line but the dent will be far less pronounced. I have not seen any paint damage, but I'm sure if the paint is not strongly adhered, it could peel away.


We provide dry ice products such as: Pellets, Rice Pellets (Dry Ice Blasting), Micro Pellets, 1/4 inch , Special Cut Blocks, Slices, Nuggets and High Density Dry Ice.


Types of Dry Ice

Rice Pellets (Dry Ice Blasting)
Micro Pellets
1/4 Inch
dry ice pellets
dry ice rice
dry ice pellets
dry ice pellets 1/4
Special Cut Blocks
High Density Dry Ice
dryice block
dry ice slabs
dryice nuggets
high density dry ice

dry ice pellets
Consumer Use & Applications

dry ice slabs
Commercial Use & Applications

power outage dry ice
Power Outages

video vault

Keeping Your Freezer Cold
After Power Outage Using Dry Ice

Packing Your Cooler
Using Dry Ice
Removing Annoying Pests & Rodents From Garden Using Dry Ice
Removing Moths
From Cloths Using Dry Ice

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